Here at belladonnas we are proud to be kiwi!  Our Kiwiana inspired gifts for him are made with New Zealand in mind mixed with a quirky twist.  There are so many things we could reward our men for but we get busy and forget.  Let today be the day we reward and remember all those special and amazing moments they have created.  You are guaranteed to find gifts for him here at belladonnas.

What are the Best Gifts For Him?

If you’re looking for gifts for him then you’ve come to the right place. At belladonnas we have gifts for everyone, whether it is for his birthday or another special occasion, we have gift ideas for all the men in your life.  Whether it be for your husband, father, boyfriend, boss, or grandfather you’ll find a personalised gift that is perfect for his personality, and will put a smile on his dial.  If you want a gift with a difference, then choose from our selection of quirky and fun gifts for him.  From humour to sentimental, yes guys like sentimental too, after all, the way to a man’s heart is not always through his stomach.  Our kiwi men are our heroes and they wear an invisible cape, some of our men look after us without reward they are out there every day whether they are wearing a hard hat or wearing a suit or maybe an apron that’s reason enough to celebrate!  Whether he is celebrating his birthday, father’s day or another holiday it’s your job to come up with the perfect gift for him, and you have absolutely come to the right place.  We have both belladonnas gift boxes and our signature range seven from heaven range for men.

How do we choose the perfect gift for him?

Belladonna’s gifts are perfect for everyone and the perfect pick me up gift for him.  Whether it be for you father, brother, uncle or friend there is something for everyone at Belladonnas.  One of the things we need to do when we are looking for gifts for him is to shy away from stereo typing, putting all men into one box, Macho, Muscles, Beer drinking and muscle cars because we are all different right? So we need to think outside the box and try something different and our gifts are both different and unique.  The old saying girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice and boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dogs tails is no longer the rule of thumb we live in the year 2020 now and things have changed, this is why belladonnas makes it so easy to click click and find the perfect match for him.  I’ve been down and I’ve been depressed and our men are not exempt from getting the blues they are not armour plated our gifts are the perfect pick me up for both our men and women.  If someone in your life is feeling down and out this is your chance to be the rainbow in his cloud and the holistic answer to antidepressants.  At Belladonnas one of our favourite days is Father’s Day, a day to honour our nearest and dearest, for mothers to honour the father of their children and for children to thank dads for being dads.  Fathers Day is the perfect day to show our dads how much they mean to us.  We have humorous gifts for dads who love a laugh, coffee gifts for the dad who loves his caffeine and lots more to choose from.

Can i personalise my gifts?

When it comes to giving gifts I am obsessed with finding the perfect gift for that person.  I will not buy just any old thing it needs to fit the person’s personality.  Unfortunately, there are hard to shop for people who require some extra effort, fortunately at belladonnas we make it easy.  If you have browsed our selection of gifts and require something a little different we do take orders for specialised gifts for any occasion or genre.  If you would like to personalise your gift, just phone Bella on 027-515-5566 or email us on our contact form.  Our personalised gifts are very popular so you will need to book at least two weeks in advance.  To make your gift more personal you can enter a personalised card message at our checkout, there is a designated box for you to write something personal and meaningfulThese are some of my favourite personalised gifts I have created for clients.  We designed a gift for a wedding proposal, end of the school year, teachers gifts with personalized name cards,  a labour party gift for the Right Honourable Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.  I created a gift for a farmer who loves sheep, most appropriately called black sheep.  You can place an order via our website 24/7.  Phone orders are welcome on 0275155566.  We accept credit/debit cards, internet banking & Paypal.  We also allow pickups and cash payments, we are based in West Auckland, New Zealand.  Within Auckland city limits an urgent delivery service is available call the number above for details and you will find this information explained in our FAQs section of our website.

What sort of gifts do belladonna make?

What kind of gifts do belladonnas make?  Well here’s a little bit of honesty for you, when I started making these gifts I was making gifts predominantly for women and not only just any women but women who were in a safe house refuge, women who needed a boost and a little bit of kindness, that was until one day a guy saw my gifts and said we need these too.  From that moment on belladonnas blossomed and became more than a pick me up gift for women into something else.  Belladonnas has gifts for everyone. We try to incorporate different genres into our gifts so that there is something for everyone.  Although, something for everyone means something different to me.  I love to buy products that are supposedly male orientated, I love alcohol orientated products like alcohol paraphernalia, I am into drinking beer and Jack but then I know guys that are not into beer or fast cars but are into coffee and wearing the colour pink.  Everyone is addicted or hooked on something or is passionate about something but you cannot judge a book by its cover. We have gifts with love in mind, for mums and dads, young adults to nans and grandads.  A bit of humour, a bit of inspiration, flowers and nature, get wells and goodbyes.  Here’s cheers to the good eggs in our lives and boo to those long boring hospital stays, to the tea totallers, and the ones partial to a pint and to those who love God and those who love coffee.  This is your one stop gift shop.

Custom Orders

You Dream It, We Make It

If you have a special gift request, please let us know, we will source it and customise one for you.