My Blood Is Shiraz 7 from Heaven Gift Box

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The gift of giving

Give out of love, not obligation, Give when its least expected, Give to show you care.

Be there for a friend, Be the rainbow in their cloud, this gift is specially made for you in the spirit of friendship.

7 from heaven is a gift box that contains seven little gifts and seven little messages, the recipient opens one gift per day for seven days, the gift box is designed to lift spirits and inspire, and it is an inspiring journey they will enjoy.  The gift that keeps giving.  When the seed bloom into beautiful flowers they will remind her every day of this gift that was given with love 🙂

Shiraz contents:

  1. Very trendy and very cute wine hoodie, zipper and drawstring closure, uses: you can put the wine inside it before you pour to prevent water dripping everywhere and wine hoodies are cool and they look good.  Polyester-cotton, colour maroon, 33 cm tall, one size fits most.  To make your gift extra special, give a bottle of wine or bubbly as well (we do not include alcohol in our giftboxes,  Includes only 1 hoodie.
  2. Lip tint,  Man Zi Miao, wine lip tint, blush pink, long-wearing, the tint dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate colour that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips.  The wine bottle-shaped container is adorable, very lightweight and dries to a matte finish.
  3. Candles.  A set of 6 beautiful fragrant cherry tea light candles made by Pap * Star of Germany.  Such an amazing fragrance.  A great idea is to have it burning while you’re in the bath, this fragrant T light will tantalise your senses with a beautiful cherry aroma.
  4. T light holder.  Also by Pap * Star of Germany a very pretty clear and red T Light holder, features: clear and red colour, made from heavy glass so there is less chance of tipping over.
  5. Coffee mug.  My blood is Shiraz, a frankly funny mug by Art-Wrap, 355 ml, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  6. Wine glasses.  Hand made wine glasses with gold speckle finish, large capacity 430 ml  by Living in Co
  7. Bell.  Ring for Wine novelty bell black with a black handle 13.5 cm high, this bell has a very loud ring so on birthdays or mothers day even if they were somewhere else in the house they would here the ring ring.
Every gift is individually wrapped  & presented in a very trendy reusable box themes, purple, flowers, gold insects, white lilies.

This gift box is a one off, we often get inspired and make gift boxes that have the personal touch, it is great just to be inspired and create.

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