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Belladonnas Gifts the Best Gift Ideas for her on Valentine’s Day!

Kia ora welcome to Belladonna's.  Here at Belladonnas we bring to you a great selection of amazing Valentines Gift ideas.  Wow her or him with one of our heartfelt gifts this Valentine’s Day 14th day of February 2020

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your feelings of love, affection and friendship towards each other.  There is something for everyone here at belladonnas! So look no further! You will be sure to find the best gift ideas for your Valentine.

Belladonna Gift Pack Gifts For her

Seven from heaven is a special gift box that contains seven gifts and seven messages.  The recipient opens one gift per day for the duration of seven days, this gift is designed to lift spirits and it is an inspiring journey they will enjoy.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.  I really believe that giving love, and giving of yourself is an important and amazing thing.  There are so many people out there that live days weeks & months without joy or laughter in there lives, the gift of laughter is the best medicine.


  1. Stress ball.  Cute squishy rabbit stress ball.  Stress ball and anxiety reducer soft and squishy toy.  Repeatedly squeezing a stress ball can releases tension and in turn, helps to relieve stress.  In addition to the mental benefits, stress balls may also boost blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis.  A stress ball has also be used as a meditation tool.
  2. Maxwell & Williams Mindfulness Messages Mug Boxed Gift 470mL.  Get in touch with your inner artist with Maxwell & Williams' Mindfulness Collection. Designed to encourage a relaxing, creative experience, this gift boxed Mug comes with a set of paints for you to customize your own piece. Once finished, you can immortalize your artwork by baking in the oven.
    • Made from prestige porcelain
    • Includes a set of paints to customize your own piece
    • Hand wash recommended
    • Microwave safe.
    • Packaged in a gift box

    Maxwell & Williams
    With their superior quality collections, each range is created to both complement and enhance daily life. Being both contemporary and functional, Maxwell and Williams ensure they are at the forefront of design trends and guarantee only the best materials are used when producing their products.

  3. Tea light candles.  A set of 6 beautiful fragrant lavender tea light candles made by Pap * Star of Germany.  Such an amazing fragrance.  A great idea is to have it burning while you’re in the bath, this fragrant T light will tantalise your senses with a beautiful cherry aroma.
  4. Tea light holder.  Beautiful metallic gold painted tea light holder, heavy glass to prevent tipping.
  5. Adult colouring book.  Colouring book themed wonderful nature, a relaxing and de-stressing colouring in book for adults, intricate designs including butterflies, Mandela's, and many facets of nature including country cottages.  Create a masterpiece.
  6. Colouring Pencils.  Small colouring pencils 24 pack, all the colours of the rainbow.  Made by Kookie
  7. Body lotion.  Coconut body moisturizer paraben free formula.  The beautiful fragrance of summer with coconut hints.  Nothing beats a good moisturizer with a lightweight and rich formula.  Anatomical Coconut body lotion leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.  Anatomicals range is an amazing beauty product, which is upbeat and popular.  Tackle dry skin by deeply moisturizing it with the coconut oil body lotion that also leaves a subtle tropical fragrance on your skin. · 250ml · Coconut oil · Paraben and MIT free · No artificial colours · Directions: Gently apply all over body, hands and feet.

Each gift is individually wrapped and beautifully presented in a reusable box.

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