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Your My Jam, Belladonnas Gifts Box (Temporarily out of stock)


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The Best Gift Ideas for her on Valentine’s Day!

Kia ora welcome to Belladonna's.  Here at Belladonnas we bring to you a great selection of amazing Valentines Gift ideas.  Wow her or him with one of our heartfelt gifts this Valentine’s Day 14th day of February 2020

Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship towards each other.  There is something for everyone here at belladonnas! So look no further! You will be sure to find the best gift ideas for your Valentine.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.  I really believe that giving love, and giving of yourself is an important and amazing thing.  laughter is the best medicine.


  1. Soft toy pillow.  Mr cool emoji smiley with love heart eyes, stuffed soft toy with suction cup.
  2. Tea light Candles.  A set of six beautiful fragrant strawberry tea light candles made by Pap * Star of Germany.  Such an amazing fragrance.  A great idea is to have it burning while they are in the bath, this fragrant tea light will tantalise your senses with a beautiful strawberry aroma.
  3. Coffee mugs.  Set of novelty Coffee mugs 340ml, First Mug says you are my jam and the second mug says you are my honey.   Very Cute pair of ceramic mugs a perfect gift for valentines day and just another unique way to say I love you.
  4. Gold T light holder Metallic Gold colour.  Round t light holder 5.5 cm, heavy painted Gold glass to help prevent tipping.  Made by Pap * Star Germany.
  5. Barkers New Zealand Strawberry Jam 350 grams.  Gluten free.  Vegan-friendly.  NZ Strawberries.  Made in New Zealand.  Keep refrigerated once opened.  Why is it called a fruit preserve and not a jam?.  To be legally called a jam in New Zealand and Australia, a product must contain 65% sugar! Any product with less sugar needs to be called a different name. There is no legal definition for a ‘spread’ or ‘preserve’. We have therefore chosen to call our spread with less sugar a ‘fruit preserve’…it’s jam in all but name.  Barkers of Geraldine, New Zealand.
  6. Lake Kaniere Creamy Kamahi & Rata Honey.  This Honey is not heat treated so all the goodness remains.  This honey is carbon neutral.  Deliciously creamy with a distinct caramel flavour making this honey perfect for slathering on hot toast or drizzling over porridge, fresh fruit and yogurt.  Here at J. Friend and Co, we believe it's not what you do to honey that counts, rather it's what you don't do! We use our unique cold pressed method to make our traditional pot set honey. We extract our honey fresh from the hive and pour it into the jar (without heat treating or fine filtering) – it's that simple! This process ensures our precious honey still contains all the natural health giving properties it is famous for!
    Because our pot set honey is 100% natural and unprocessed it will set firm over time – to bring it back to its original state just warm gently.  Traditional Pot Set Raw Honey
  7. Bell.  Funny and Quirky Bell with the words ring for a cuppa colour yellow with a black handle and brown writing, the bell is real and makes noise :).

Each gift is presented in a reusable box.

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Photos taken by Professional Photographer Alana Carolyn Plews Glover


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